The Smart Site Manifesto

What goes into a $100k website?

I’ve spent the past 10 years learning web design and development.

I started as a designer with WordPress templates and MAMP. But once we started charging $7k for them, I started wondering what we could charge if we were a real WordPress Dev Studio.

That’s when I started learning to work with Roots, a modern reconfigured WordPress framework. I was the probably the dumbest person on their forums for years. But by doing it over and over, I eventually turned into a coder. Using command line and all.

I went from making websites like an idiot, to making $100k websites.

Some of my websites make millions of dollars for my clients, so I’d say $100k is a pretty good deal. [Case studies]

A Smart Site is:

  1. Secure
  2. Fast (loads under 1s)
  3. DRY
  4. Direct (no jargon)
  5. Calculated
  6. Split Tested
  7. Measured
  8. Easy for clients to use (WP)
  9. Unbreakable by clients
  10. Not set to Automatically Update
  11. Connected to an API (Slack, Mailchimp, etc)
  12. Able to process payments through Stripe and Bitcoin
  13. Beautiful
  14. Informative
  15. Simple
  16. Animated
  17. Minimal
  18. Backed Up
  19. Monitored
  20. Deployed and Tested in 3 Environments
  21. Future Proof
  22. Fool Proof

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