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Setup SMTP Server for Trellis Using Sendgrid

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When using Trellis, you have to setup your own SMTP server to send outgoing email for you. For example, if someone submits a contact form on your site and you want WordPress to send an email notifying them, you’ll need an SMTP server setup.\
I’m using Sendgrid for now. They’re a little more technical, but they have a great reputation. Only\’a0red flag I’ve seen is that I tried to signup for multiple account and they told me\’a0some were not approved. Not sure if the domain reputation was blacklisted or what. Anyhow, I’ve got an account setup that I may be able to use as an agency account for all domains so I’m giving it a try.\


  1. Get started:\’a0
  2. \

  3. To setup additional whitelist domains go to:\

    • I haven’t figured out how these are used yet.
    • \


  4. \

  5. To get SMTP info go to:\’a0 (note: port 587\’a0is recommended, and works for me even though it’s not SSL)
  6. \

  7. Once the API is created, you cannot view the key, so copy it and save it to your group_vars/all/vault.yml immediately (here’s how to do that if it’s encrypted\’96 Trellis Security)
  8. \

  9. For testing with Mailhog, vagrant provision the server
  10. \

  11. Once ready for staging/production, provision the remote server and test.
  12. \

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