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Sage 9 Setup

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Don’t forget to:

  1. Vagrant up:
    1. Open terminal and run: cd sites/project-folder/trellis && vagrant up
    2. Run: open . to open finder
  2. Backup original on Github:
    1. Open Github desktop app
    2. Find theme in Finder
    3. Drag and drop into Github
    4. Create and add
    5. Name “The Creation”, and commit
    6. Publish
    7. Name, and push repository
  1. Back in terminal, navigate to your sage theme folder- cd project-folder/site/web/app/themes/sage
  2. Open the project in Atom
  3. Back in terminal, run: yarn run start
  4. If browsersync doesn’t launch your site in your browser:
    • Check that you don’t have two of the same IPs in /etc/hosts
    • Check the configuration in /assets/config.json
  5. Add in The Jackalope.scss File to Sage
  6. Add Bootstrap Nav Walker:
  9. This is the new Jackalope.scss file
  10. Edit theme name in Sage > styles.css
  11. Swap out Sage>screenshot.png for custom theme artwork
  12. Edit site info:
    1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General
    2. Fill in all fields
  13. Landing page or blog feed? (do you want the home page to display most recent blogs posts, or custom content?)
    1. Blog: WordPress Dashboard>Settings>Reading, under Front Page Displays, select:
      • Choose between:
        • Your latest posts
        • A static page
      • Edit changes and publish
    2. Add a hard-coded home page:
      • Duplicate the base.php file, and rename to base-front-page.php
      • Duplicate the page.php file, and rename to front-page.php, delete everything and save
  14. Finish up:
    1. Shut down grunt watch, run: alt, c
    2. Suspend Vagrant sever, run: vagrant suspend

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