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How to Install Paid Plugins with Composer

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  1. Add the plugin\’a0to a remote server:
    1. Upload the plugin to a Github repo.
    2. Add a composer.json.
  2. Or you can just use my repo:
    1. Add the repo’s remote url\’a0to the composer.json.
    2. Below that, add a line like this to make sure Composer requires it.
      • Note: You won’t need those commas at the end if it will be the last line in the brackets.
  3. To install new plugins to Composer:
    1. Delete site/vendor/composer/installed.json
    2. Delete site/composer.lock
    3. Go to Composer, run: cd ~/sites/project-name/site
    4. Run:\’a0composer clear-cache and rm -rf ~/.composer/cache
    5. Run:\’a0composer\'a0install

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