What is Remote Customer Service Video

Moreover, companies can utilize it to provide round-the-clock support, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. The lack of constraints (well, in the case of being present at a physical office) will help businesses scale their customer service operations up or down. The most common way to advance as a remote customer service representative is to move … Continued

What Is a Project Manager? A Guide to This Career

This Project Manager job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages. It is easy to customize this project manager description for your company’s needs. This guide explores the role of PMs, highlighting their critical responsibilities, key skills, and best strategies. It also examines how platforms like Confluence can help PMs enhance … Continued

Linux security and system hardening checklist

OpenSUSE gives the choice of SELinux or AppArmor during the installation process. You should stick to the default for each variant (AppArmor for Tumbleweed and SELinux for MicroOS). Most desktop Linux distributions including Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu, and so on come with NetworkManager by default to configure Ethernet and Wi-Fi settings. Depending on your distribution, encrypted … Continued