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Building a Roots Website

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Prerequisite: Quick setup
  1. Timely: Time Tracking App
  2. Corresponding Trello board
Priority 1: Local Deployment via webpack’syarn run start
  1. Remove any unnecessary hosts
  2. Installing the Roots packages Bedrock, Trellis, and Sage-9
Priority 2: Deploy Staging Environment
Priority 3:\’a0Develop Local Site then Deploy to Staging
  • Working on Sage\’a0Locally
  • Javascript (ES6) Copy to Clipboard in Sage-9
  • Blocking WordPress Pages from Being Indexed by Google with Robots.txt
  • Install Plugins with Composer (How to Install Paid Plugins with Composer
    • Required plugins:
      • WooCommerce
      • GravityForms
      • Stripe
      • Mailchimp
      • Zapier
      • Trello
      • Slack
      • PartialEntries
    • Update Composer
  • Priority 4: deploy SSL certificate on Production Environment
    1. Setup Roots (Trellis) Security
    2. Setup SMTP Server for Trellis Using Sendgrid
    3. SSL’s are now handled automatically through Trellis w/ LetsEncrypt, just requires a domain name (no IP address)

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