Single-Use Discount Codes on WordPress for Amazon

Amazon can be a little tricky to integrate with other services. Luckily we’ve come up with a system for capturing a prospect customer’s email and sending them a single use coupon code.

Single use coupon codes are a lot more difficult to send than generic coupon codes.

Generic coupon codes have a lot of disadvantages:

  • They can be shared endlessly
  • There are even apps now, such as Honey, that will automatically tell you if there is a coupon code for something you’re about to purchase
  • A generic coupon code is a good way to open yourself up to Amazon Arbitrage, where another buyer buys your product on sale in bulk and competes against you

Single-Use Coupons are Ideal because:

  • You can send each email lead a coupon code that can only be used once, then expires
  • You can link the coupon code to their email address in your database which provides you with a better idea of which funnels/customers are converting, and which ones aren’t

So how do we do this?

  1. Purchase an account at
  2. Purchase a monthly account at (the paid account will allow you to setup an Ecommerce automation flow to dynamically deliver an email depending on where the email-subscriber found you)
  3. Upload a list of single use coupons to CouponCarrier
  4. Insert and test the redeem link in your MailChimp email
  5. Design an email Automation flow to deliver the subscriber their coupon code– I’m planning to use an Abandon Cart Email Series, assuming that I can tie in the GTM parameter that can tell me they didn’t click through to the Amazon Cart.

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