Manually Fulfilling on Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

To submit a multi-channel fulfillment order to Amazon:
  1. On the Manage Inventory page, select the products included in the order.
    Note: The limit for multi-channel fulfillment orders is 999 items for a single MSKU and 150 items for multiple MSKUs.
  2. In the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Fulfillment Order.
  3. In the Ship to Address text box, type the customer’s name and address.
    Important: The destination address cannot be changed after an order is submitted. If there is an issue related to the destination address, you must wait for the order to be delivered to resolve it.
  4. Optional, but recommended: In the Customer Email Address field, type the customer’s e-mail address to send an e-mail confirmation when the order ships. This email includes a tracking number that your customer can use to track their order.
  5. In the Set Order ID field, type the order ID.
  6. Under Print on Packing Slip, do the following:
    • Review the Order ID. By default, the order ID is the same as the order ID field above. To use a different ID on the packing slip, clear the Same as above checkbox and type a new ID.
    • In the Order Date field, select the order date.
    • Optional: In the Comments field, type a message (150 characters or less).
    Tip: For branded packing slip options, see Multi-Channel Fulfillment.
  7. Under Specify Ordered SKUs/Units, confirm that the list of products is correct. To add another product, in the Search and Add Items field, type a title, MSKU, ASIN, or FNSKU, and then click Search. To delete a product, in the Delete column, select the checkbox. Click Continue.
  8. Under Choose Fulfillment Action, select one of the following:
    • Hold to reserve inventory for a pending order. Choosing Hold will put the order on hold for two weeks. It will not be shipped until you change the selection.
    • Ship to immediately fill the order.
  9. Under Choose Shipping Speed, select a shipping speed.
    Important: Amazon cannot provide expedited shipping to P.O. boxes.
  10. In the Order Summary, review the order and shipping information. Click Change to modify the selected information.
  11. Click Place Order.
Important: Orders placed after 1:00 PM EST will not ship until the following business day.

You can also submit multi-channel fulfillment orders in bulk

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