Launch New AdWords Product Checklist

How to build a landing page specifically for AdWords:

  1. Setup a new landing page specifically for this product’s ads. You can do multiple to correspond with AdGroups and Ad copy, but we’re going to just do one landing page per product for now.
    • One call to action is a Buy on Amazon button that send them to the Amazon Page.
    • Another call to action is a Buy on Amazon button that automatically adds the product to their cart. The URL looks like this.
  2. Give this page a unique URL (mine end with -gaw01, to represent the first version of this Google AdWords campaign). This has some advantages:
    • You can hide this page from normal web traffic, while also selling the product on your public site on it’s normal URL. This just requires you to set their catalog visibility from Public to hidden.
    • You can hide this page from Google (and other bots/search engines) by modifying the Robots.txt like this.
    • You can use Google Tag Manager to fire specific events only when visiting AdWords URLs.
    • The reason it’s so important that only AdWords customers can see these URLs is because you need to think of the AdWords landing page as a petri dish. Nothing should contaminate the data.
  3. Setup Google Tag Manager conversion tracking on all desired conversion events whether that be a key page view or button click.
  4. Our AdWords campaign is setup to do retargeting through Facebook. Here’s all that we need to be able to do–
  5. Create Optimizely split test before launch. Make sure the test is something simple, specific, verifiable, and could potentially make a big difference (such as content length, or copywriting).
  6. Finalize content on landing page, double check:
    • Copy is accurate and no typos
    • Triple check URLs and GTM events
    • Check that forms are taking email addresses to the correct list/segment
    • Check AdWords ad URL is correct landing page
    • Set a Slack reminder to reminder you to check the conversion tracking verifies on AdWords in a day or two

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