Project Blueprint:

Our first goal is to establish that our deployment scripts are all in order. (Since this is the hardest part for me, I’m going to start doing it first so I don’t waste time repeating the easy steps and failing at the end– then restarting. Review/update how we’re going to organize the SASS partials. If you … Continued

Creating Hyper-lapse Shots: Timelapse Photography Tutorial Focal length: Don’t go wider than a 25mm Shutter speed: Go 1 second or longer Note: This is to obtain some motion blur Note: You will probably need an ND filter to get dark enough Tripod: When you move the tripod, make sure you have a flat surface for your path. You can’t really get … Continued

The Day You Became A Better Animator

A few weeks ago I was turned onto a blog post on the Dilbert blog called, The Day You Became a Better Writer.   In 264 words he simply describes one trick that will make you a better writer. He doesn’t come up with some 9 step course that you have to buy from him. He doesn’t … Continued

AE Expression for Natural Looking Handheld Camera

I stole this from another site, but there was something hidden in the copy that was bugging the expression, so here’s a clean version:   freq=.5; //frequency: fill in or tie to a slider amp=30; //amplitude: fill in or tie to a slider octaves=1; //default value amp_mult=0.5; //default value period=1/freq; //time taken for each wiggle … Continued

Screen Replacements using Mocha in AE

Created my own tutorial: Source: Within After Effects, select the clip that you want to Motion Track in the timeline In the menu, select Animation>Track in Mocha AE Setup New Project: Specify your destination for your Mocha project folder Make sure your Imported clip has the correct path (it already should by default) Vital: Make sure that … Continued

The Brute Squad: Discovery

Discovery 1: Qualification   Business type: Service- Video Production Amount of time established: 4 Years *Yearly/monthly revenue: Redacted Number of employees: 6 contractors Industry: Advertising/Media Market/demographic: Agencies, company owners, and marketing department leads Competition: Local video production agencies- Niche: Cinematic/high production quality Geography: Salt Lake City, Utah (looking to expand or relocate to Pacific NW … Continued