Creating Hyper-lapse Shots: Timelapse Photography Tutorial Focal length: Don’t go wider than a 25mm Shutter speed: Go 1 second or longer Note: This is to obtain some motion blur Note: You will probably need an ND filter to get dark enough Tripod:¬†When you move the tripod, make sure you have a flat surface for your path. You can’t really get … Continued

AE Expression for Natural Looking Handheld Camera

I stole this from another site, but there was something hidden in the copy that was bugging the expression, so here’s a clean version:   freq=.5; //frequency: fill in or tie to a slider amp=30; //amplitude: fill in or tie to a slider octaves=1; //default value amp_mult=0.5; //default value period=1/freq; //time taken for each wiggle … Continued

Operating the DJI Ronin Gimble