Single-Use Discount Codes on WordPress for Amazon

Amazon can be a little tricky to integrate with other services. Luckily we’ve come up with a system for capturing a prospect customer’s email and sending them a single use coupon code. Single use coupon codes are a lot more difficult to send than generic coupon codes. Generic coupon codes have a lot of disadvantages: They … Continued

Customizing Woocommerce w/ Sage 9

Make Sage 9 Woocommerce compatible Create 2 files in sage/templates/woocommerce/ – archive-product.php and single-product.php Add only <?php echo App\Template(‘woocommerce’); to both of them and save Create a file in sage/templates/ – woocommerce.blade.php Add only: @extends(‘layouts.base’) @section(‘content‘) @php(woocommerce_content()) @endsection Add custom /sage/assets/styles/components/woocommerce.scss to link up variables.scss and bootstrap’s css (Don’t forget to import it to main.scss) Add custom /sage/src/woocommerce.php to … Continued