Getting Started with React.js

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: Why React is Different 2. Component Basics: 2.1 First Component 2.2 Jsx vs. React.DOM 2.3 Managing States 2.4 Props Events/Refs Best Practices Directional Flow of Data 2-way Data Binding Build Processes Build an Application 1.1 Why React is Different: What is React?   Released in 2013 Bi-product of Facebook R&D Used … Continued

Project Blueprint: (v2.0)

Prerequisite: Quick setup Planning: Timely: Time Tracking App Corresponding Trello board Discovery: Jackalope Media Priority 1: Local Deployment via gulp watch Remove any unnecessary hosts Installing the Roots package– Bedrock, Trellis, and Sage Priority 2: Deploy Staging Environment Deploying Bedrock and Sage via Trellis Priority 3: Develop Local Site then Deploy to Staging Design Site Create Hand Drawn Mockups … Continued

Setting up Call Tracking and Recording with Twilio

• go to • click create a new twimlbin • under the xml encoding tag type:    – <Response> (capital letter needed)    – under that insert: <Dial record=”true”>555-555-5555(# to forward to)</Dial>    – close: </Response> • any invalid twiml will show in red tags • grab your twimlbin url and copy • go … Continued

The Easiest Way to Learn Flexbox CSS

I’ve been meaning to learn Flexbox for a while now. Ever since I’ve seen the word popping up everywhere. But I’m often weary of learning something new, because I know it can trigger an avalanche of learning new tools. I found this game posted on Hacker News today, Flexbox Froggy. I’ve been playing it for … Continued

A Bullet Proof AdWords Campaign

Before getting started: Make sure you’re polished  up on How to Manage Campaigns Using The Adwords Editor Changes are marked with an icon in the main menu: Changes should be reviewed by clicking the “check changes” tab in the main menu. To show details, click the text link “show details” Click the “check changes” button. This … Continued

SVG Animation Workflow

Copy straight from Illustrator into Atom (text editor). Use your text editor to clean up and arrange before dropping it into a Codepen. Tips: If Illustrator’s shapes aren’t copying into raw text, go to Edit > Preferences > File Handling and Clipboard and make sure On Copy Include SVG code is checked Clean up underscores … Continued

Project Blueprint: Landing Page

Discovery: Jackalope Media Create Hand Drawn Mockups Create mockup Getting to know BS4Themes_v1.1 Getting to know BS4Themes_v1.2 LearningAboutDeployments_v2.1 BootStage: Setting Up A Bootstrap-4 Official Theme For Deployment   Next time, you should do step 7 before customizing anything in the theme. The only reason I started customizing first was because I didn’t know there was going to be … Continued

Jack4 Tutorial Show Notes

22 minutes into tut #1– (go back and find the previous missed links) – (also, rerecord the intro after it’s all done) Resources: Project Blueprints Prerequisites? Learning resources Final project on github Root’s example project on github The Design Mockup PSD Prerequisites: If you’re new to development, you might have these questions before starting out– Understand.. … Continued