Launch New AdWords Product Checklist

How to build a landing page specifically for AdWords: Setup a new landing page specifically for this product’s ads. You can do multiple to correspond with AdGroups and Ad copy, but we’re going to just do one landing page per product for now. One call to action is a Buy on Amazon button that send them … Continued

Conversion Tracking for Ads

I’ve recently been setting up Ads for a company who has previously spent (most likely blown) quite a bit of money on AdWords and Facebook. The problem is, there was no conversion tracking setup. That is the most important thing. Without conversion tracking, there’s no point to running ads in the first place because you don’t know … Continued

Roots (Trellis) Security

Use letsencrypt (or another non-blacklisted SSL cert) Enable 2-factor authentication on all payment gateways Keep regular DB backups Monitor your website ( Keep WordPress up to date Keep Trellis up to date Keep WooCommerce (and extensions) up to date Keep all plugins up to date   Setting Up Ansible Vault   Create .vault_pass file in … Continued

Quickstart: Setting Up New Macs

Login to Apple ID, setup a separate password for login (recommended) Change profile picture Setup Dark Theme in System Settings>General Setup hidden dock in System Settings>Dock Remove all unused apps from the dock Download Chrome from Safari and set as default browser (cleanup and organize extensions) AdBlock Boomerang for Gmail Google Mail Checker Honey Page Ruler … Continued

Setting Up Migrate DB Pro with Composer and Bedrock

Visual guide and resources found below. How to Push a database: Install Migrate DB Pro to Composer Commit to Github and re-deploy the site Setup Migrate DB Pro on staging/production site: Activate the newly found plugins Click ‘settings’ (or navigate to tools>migrate db>Settings tab) Check ‘accept push requests allow this database to be overwritten Copy the Rest … Continued

Installing Roots (w/ Sage-9 beta 1)

If you already have your SSH key added to DigitalOcean, skip to step 4. If you already have an SSH key, but it’s not connected to your DigitalOcean, you only need to do steps 3.5-7. If you don’t have an SSH key yet– in your command line, go to your root directory and create a new SSH key: … Continued

Getting Started with React.js

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: Why React is Different 2. Component Basics: 2.1 First Component 2.2 Jsx vs. React.DOM 2.3 Managing States 2.4 Props Events/Refs Best Practices Directional Flow of Data 2-way Data Binding Build Processes Build an Application 1.1 Why React is Different: What is React?   Released in 2013 Bi-product of Facebook R&D Used … Continued

Gravity Forms Notifications Using the Twilio Add-on

Instant Lead Notifications: When I built a website on Bootstrap earlier this year, we were using to Zapier to notify the client of leads and submissions. When you’re a hosting company branded around being fast, you want to be punctual getting back to the prospects. To keep my overhead low, I was on the free … Continued

Project Blueprint: (v2.0)

Prerequisite: Quick setup Planning: Timely: Time Tracking App Corresponding Trello board Discovery: Jackalope Media Priority 1: Local Deployment via gulp watch Remove any unnecessary hosts Installing the Roots package– Bedrock, Trellis, and Sage Priority 2: Deploy Staging Environment Deploying Bedrock and Sage via Trellis Priority 3: Develop Local Site then Deploy to Staging Design Site Create Hand Drawn Mockups … Continued