Setup SMTP Server for Trellis Using Sendgrid

When using Trellis, you have to setup your own SMTP server to send outgoing email for you. For example, if someone submits a contact form on your site and you want WordPress to send an email notifying them, you’ll need an SMTP server setup. I’m using Sendgrid for now. They’re a little more technical, but … Continued

Setting Up Migrate DB Pro with Composer and Bedrock

Visual guide and resources found below. How to Push a database: Install Migrate DB Pro to Composer Commit to Github and re-deploy the site Setup Migrate DB Pro on staging/production site: Activate the newly found plugins Click ‘settings’ (or navigate to tools>migrate db>Settings tab) Check ‘accept push requests allow this database to be overwritten Copy the Rest … Continued

How to Install Paid Plugins with Composer

Add the plugin to a remote server: Upload the plugin to a Github repo. Add a composer.json. Or you can just use my repo: Add the repo’s remote url to the composer.json. Below that, add a line like this to make sure Composer requires it. Note: You won’t need those commas at the end if it will … Continued

Using Composer with Gravity Forms

Using Composer with Gravity Forms is way harder than it should be. Here’s a post explaining how I figured out how to do it. I’ll admit, I have yet to try out all of the different options people recommended, but all I know was that my solution of linking to GravityForms’ .zip download link has proven … Continued

Roots: From Scratch to Domain

  Installing the Root package– Bedrock, Trellis, and Sage Now deploy to staging and production: Deploying Bedrock and Sage via Trellis Review How I finally deployed to my DNS on DigitalOcean: adding my domain to my host file (see gas mask) make sure domain is replaced in provisioning files ignore .vagrant file in /.gitignore Note: Review video … Continued

Adding an SSL Certificate to WordPress

Requirements: Namecheap registered domain name DigitalOcean hosted WordPress site on Ubuntu WordPress site built on Bedrock, Trellis (LEMP stack), and Sage A RapidSSL certificate (via Namecheap) Domain validation rights (access to the email address listed on the WHOIS) After you’ve purchased a RapidSSL (single domain in this case), click to manage, then activate It will not prompt … Continued

Project Blueprint: SnapFast1.1 Landing Page

Git clone BootStage, and remove .git, run: cd sites && git clone SnapFast1.1 && cd SnapFast1.1 && rm -rf .git Open it in Finder, run: open . Drag, drop it into Github app, make an initial commit, and publish the new repo calling it SnapFast1.1 Pull it up in Finder, then drag drop it into Atom … Continued

Installing and Deploying Trellis and Bedrock 2.0

First let’s make sure we can SSH into the droplet we’ll be using Go to DigitalOcean and spin up new Ubuntu server without selecting any SSH keys After the server is spun up, check your email for your IP and password Go into your command line: run: ssh root@[IP-address] type: yes enter the password given … Continued

Setting Up A Bootstrap 4 Official Theme For Deployment

Install the project under cd/sites/project-name Under project-name/docs/assets/, run: mkdir svg Open package.json: add these lines Open gulpfile.js: add these lines In your root, install npm globally, run: [sudo] npm install gulp -g In your project root, install npm globally, run: [sudo] npm install gulp -g run, npm install run, gulp   To take it to a … Continued

Launching a Boostrap 4 Official Theme on Github Pages

I would like to keep all of our sites hosted on Digital Ocean if possible, but an article by Charlie Gleason turned me onto the ease of Github pages. We usually like to keep our Phase One: Testing development-time to a minimum, so Github Pages just may be what we’re looking for. Only in the testing … Continued