Project Blueprint: SnapFast1.1 Landing Page

Git clone BootStage, and remove .git, run: cd sites && git clone SnapFast1.1 && cd SnapFast1.1 && rm -rf .git Open it in Finder, run: open . Drag, drop it into Github app, make an initial commit, and publish the new repo calling it SnapFast1.1 Pull it up in Finder, then drag drop it into Atom … Continued

Working on Phase1 Bootstrap Site

Open project in command line gulp watch open github open github project in finder open github project in Atom Make customizations and updates to styling/html. When you’re done don’t forget to: Close gulp watch process Commit changes to Github

Setting Up A Bootstrap 4 Official Theme For Deployment

Install the project under cd/sites/project-name Under project-name/docs/assets/, run: mkdir svg Open package.json: add these lines Open gulpfile.js: add these lines In your root, install npm globally, run: [sudo] npm install gulp -g In your project root, install npm globally, run: [sudo] npm install gulp -g run, npm install run, gulp   To take it to a … Continued