Setup SMTP Server for Trellis Using Sendgrid

When using Trellis, you have to setup your own SMTP server to send outgoing email for you. For example, if someone submits a contact form on your site and you want WordPress to send an email notifying them, you’ll need an SMTP server setup. I’m using Sendgrid for now. They’re a little more technical, but … Continued

Single-Use Discount Codes on WordPress for Amazon

Amazon can be a little tricky to integrate with other services. Luckily we’ve come up with a system for capturing a prospect customer’s email and sending them a single use coupon code. Single use coupon codes are a lot more difficult to send than generic coupon codes. Generic coupon codes have a lot of disadvantages: They … Continued

Gravity Forms Notifications Using the Twilio Add-on

Instant Lead Notifications: When I built a website on Bootstrap earlier this year, we were using to Zapier to notify the client of leads and submissions. When you’re a hosting company branded around being fast, you want to be punctual getting back to the prospects. To keep my overhead low, I was on the free … Continued

How to Install Paid Plugins with Composer

Add the plugin to a remote server: Upload the plugin to a Github repo. Add a composer.json. Or you can just use my repo: Add the repo’s remote url to the composer.json. Below that, add a line like this to make sure Composer requires it. Note: You won’t need those commas at the end if it will … Continued

Using Composer with Gravity Forms

Using Composer with Gravity Forms is way harder than it should be. Here’s a post explaining how I figured out how to do it. I’ll admit, I have yet to try out all of the different options people recommended, but all I know was that my solution of linking to GravityForms’ .zip download link has proven … Continued

Adding an SSL Certificate to WordPress

Requirements: Namecheap registered domain name DigitalOcean hosted WordPress site on Ubuntu WordPress site built on Bedrock, Trellis (LEMP stack), and Sage A RapidSSL certificate (via Namecheap) Domain validation rights (access to the email address listed on the WHOIS) After you’ve purchased a RapidSSL (single domain in this case), click to manage, then activate It will not prompt … Continued