SVG Animation Workflow

Copy straight from Illustrator into Atom (text editor). Use your text editor to clean up and arrange before dropping it into a Codepen. Tips: If Illustrator’s shapes aren’t copying into raw text, go to Edit > Preferences > File Handling and Clipboard and make sure On Copy Include SVG code is checked Clean up underscores … Continued

Creating Hyper-lapse Shots: Timelapse Photography Tutorial Focal length: Don’t go wider than a 25mm Shutter speed: Go 1 second or longer Note: This is to obtain some motion blur Note: You will probably need an ND filter to get dark enough Tripod: When you move the tripod, make sure you have a flat surface for your path. You can’t really get … Continued

The Day You Became A Better Animator

A few weeks ago I was turned onto a blog post on the Dilbert blog called, The Day You Became a Better Writer.   In 264 words he simply describes one trick that will make you a better writer. He doesn’t come up with some 9 step course that you have to buy from him. He doesn’t … Continued

AE Expression for Natural Looking Handheld Camera

I stole this from another site, but there was something hidden in the copy that was bugging the expression, so here’s a clean version:   freq=.5; //frequency: fill in or tie to a slider amp=30; //amplitude: fill in or tie to a slider octaves=1; //default value amp_mult=0.5; //default value period=1/freq; //time taken for each wiggle … Continued

Screen Replacements using Mocha in AE

Created my own tutorial: Source: Within After Effects, select the clip that you want to Motion Track in the timeline In the menu, select Animation>Track in Mocha AE Setup New Project: Specify your destination for your Mocha project folder Make sure your Imported clip has the correct path (it already should by default) Vital: Make sure that … Continued

Camera Tracking in After Effects

In the tracker window, select Camera Tracker The Camera Tracker now analyzes your scene in the background, so you’re free to work about while waiting Once complete, shift select just a few different point that are solid Once triangulated, you’ll see a target when you hover in the triangle Drage that target where you want your … Continued

Rotoscoping in After Effects

2 Methods– The first method he shows is rotoscoping manually. The second method he shows, Rotopainting, should be the goto method to save time unless the particular shot makes it impossible. [34:08]     Tips for advanced roto brushing on tough clips: Start by outlining the skeleton, not the edges. Then repeat add/subtract towards the … Continued

Setting Up After Effects Projects

Project folder creation- on a local hard drive that will sync with Brutus Comment audio and count up total graphics Storyboarding: Title and name all boards Mark rough timecodes (if project is being laid on top of a pre-existing video) Transcribe VO on top fold: Underline nouns Circle verbs Box adjectives Rough sketch scene on bottom fold … Continued

After Effects Project Organization

The most important thing to note is that each graphic has it’s own folder with all of it’s assets in it. GFX03 GFX02 GFX01 GFX01 (main composition) 1.0 2.0 3.0 3.1-layer 3.2-layer 3.3-layer 3.0-bg 0-bg