Launch New AdWords Product Checklist

How to build a landing page specifically for AdWords: Setup a new landing page specifically for this product’s ads. You can do multiple to correspond with AdGroups and Ad copy, but we’re going to just do one landing page per product for now. One call to action is a Buy on Amazon button that send them … Continued

Blocking WordPress Pages from Being Indexed by Google with Robots.txt

The Robots.txt file is a file every WordPress site comes with, which tells Bots and Search Engines which pages you want them to index. It’s more of a request (rather than a demand), but the Robots.txt file is publicly accessible at so be aware the disallowing a page won’t make it hidden from the web. In … Continued

Single-Use Discount Codes on WordPress for Amazon

Amazon can be a little tricky to integrate with other services. Luckily we’ve come up with a system for capturing a prospect customer’s email and sending them a single use coupon code. Single use coupon codes are a lot more difficult to send than generic coupon codes. Generic coupon codes have a lot of disadvantages: They … Continued

Conversion Tracking for Ads

I’ve recently been setting up Ads for a company who has previously spent (most likely blown) quite a bit of money on AdWords and Facebook. The problem is, there was no conversion tracking setup. That is the most important thing. Without conversion tracking, there’s no point to running ads in the first place because you don’t know … Continued

Setting up Call Tracking and Recording with Twilio

• go to • click create a new twimlbin • under the xml encoding tag type:    – <Response> (capital letter needed)    – under that insert: <Dial record=”true”>555-555-5555(# to forward to)</Dial>    – close: </Response> • any invalid twiml will show in red tags • grab your twimlbin url and copy • go … Continued

Finding Your Crazy Egg API Keys

If you try to use Optimizely and CrazyEgg together, you will hit the same roadblock I did. The problem is that my A/B test pages look different, but CrazyEgg only takes a snapshot of one of them. So one of the pages goes un-measured. I was reading this article from Optimizely on how to Integrate Optimizely with CrazyEgg. … Continued

A Bullet Proof AdWords Campaign

Before getting started: Make sure you’re polished  up on How to Manage Campaigns Using The Adwords Editor Changes are marked with an icon in the main menu: Changes should be reviewed by clicking the “check changes” tab in the main menu. To show details, click the text link “show details” Click the “check changes” button. This … Continued