Launch New AdWords Product

Okay so I hired a great team to setup an AdWords campaign for one brand, five products. That freed up my time to focus on the landing page development, funnel tracking, and testing. The AdWords team setup Ads for all 5 keywords about a week ago, but it took until yesterday until I pressed the launch button … Continued

Blocking WordPress Pages from Being Indexed by Google with Robots.txt

The Robots.txt file is a file every WordPress site comes with, which tells Bots and Search Engines which pages you want them to index. It’s more of a request (rather than a demand), but the Robots.txt file is publicly accessible at so be aware the disallowing a page won’t make it hidden from the web. In … Continued

Setting Up Optimizely for WordPress

The launch of Optimizely X appears to be fairly new, I haven’t learned much about it. The old issue I used to have with Optimizely was that it couldn’t test PHP values, such two different gravity forms. It appears the Optimizely X will fix that, and you can install it with Composer. But I’m going … Continued

Setting Up Facebook Pixel Tracking

Assuming you already have a Facebook Ads account setup– Go to My preferred method: In the top sub-navigation menu select: Setup Pixel A modal window will popup asking if Use an Integration of Tag Manager, or Copy and Paste the Code– select Use an Integration of Tag Manager Choose Your Solution– Select Google Tag Manager Install … Continued

Single-Use Discount Codes on WordPress for Amazon

Amazon can be a little tricky to integrate with other services. Luckily we’ve come up with a system for capturing a prospect customer’s email and sending them a single use coupon code. Single use coupon codes are a lot more difficult to send than generic coupon codes. Generic coupon codes have a lot of disadvantages: They … Continued

How We Use Mixpanel

Mixpanel has been a tool long talked about that I have yet to try. I’ve heard good things, but it’s hard to jump into a new analytics tool because there are an overwhelming amount these days. So I’m really just picking the one I’ve heard the most good things about, and am going to do … Continued

Conversion Tracking for Ads

I’ve recently been setting up Ads for a company who has previously spent (most likely blown) quite a bit of money on AdWords and Facebook. The problem is, there was no conversion tracking setup. That is the most important thing. Without conversion tracking, there’s no point to running ads in the first place because you don’t know … Continued

Roots (Trellis) Security

Use letsencrypt (or another non-blacklisted SSL cert) Enable 2-factor authentication on all payment gateways Keep regular DB backups Monitor your website ( Keep WordPress up to date Keep Trellis up to date Keep WooCommerce (and extensions) up to date Keep all plugins up to date   Setting Up Ansible Vault   Create .vault_pass file in … Continued

Quickstart: Setting Up New Macs

Login to Apple ID, setup a separate password for login (recommended) Change profile picture Setup Dark Theme in System Settings>General Setup hidden dock in System Settings>Dock Remove all unused apps from the dock Download Chrome from Safari and set as default browser (cleanup and organize extensions) AdBlock Boomerang for Gmail Google Mail Checker Honey Page Ruler … Continued

Install and Update Composer

Go to Composer, run: cd ~/sites/project-name/site Delete installed.json, run: rm -rf vendor/composer/installed.json Delete composer.lock, run: rm -rf composer.lock Clear Composer’s cache, run: composer clear-cache && rm -rf ~/.composer/cache Install or update composer, run: composer install composer update