Gravity Forms Notifications Using the Twilio Add-on

Instant Lead Notifications: When I built a website on Bootstrap earlier this year, we were using to Zapier to notify the client of leads and submissions. When you’re a hosting company branded around being fast, you want to be punctual getting back to the prospects. To keep my overhead low, I was on the free … Continued

A Bullet Proof AdWords Campaign

Before getting started: Make sure you’re polished  up on How to Manage Campaigns Using The Adwords Editor Changes are marked with an icon in the main menu: Changes should be reviewed by clicking the “check changes” tab in the main menu. To show details, click the text link “show details” Click the “check changes” button. This … Continued

How We Use Slack

Slack Channels Priorities Campaigns(be sure to say “if” you’re running campaigns) Leads Data – tests and analytics Site Tuts Setup Inviting new team members Assign new owner Create New Channel Creating API integrations Delete/Archive channel   Slack is a powerful communication channel for us to use. It takes all of our favorite apps– ties into their … Continued

Project Blueprint: SnapFast1.1 Landing Page

Git clone BootStage, and remove .git, run: cd sites && git clone SnapFast1.1 && cd SnapFast1.1 && rm -rf .git Open it in Finder, run: open . Drag, drop it into Github app, make an initial commit, and publish the new repo calling it SnapFast1.1 Pull it up in Finder, then drag drop it into Atom … Continued

Working on Phase1 Bootstrap Site

Open project in command line gulp watch open github open github project in finder open github project in Atom Make customizations and updates to styling/html. When you’re done don’t forget to: Close gulp watch process Commit changes to Github

Project Blueprint: Landing Page

Discovery: Jackalope Media Create Hand Drawn Mockups Create mockup Getting to know BS4Themes_v1.1 Getting to know BS4Themes_v1.2 LearningAboutDeployments_v2.1 BootStage: Setting Up A Bootstrap-4 Official Theme For Deployment   Next time, you should do step 7 before customizing anything in the theme. The only reason I started customizing first was because I didn’t know there was going to be … Continued

Launching a Boostrap 4 Official Theme on Github Pages

I would like to keep all of our sites hosted on Digital Ocean if possible, but an article by Charlie Gleason turned me onto the ease of Github pages. We usually like to keep our Phase One: Testing development-time to a minimum, so Github Pages just may be what we’re looking for. Only in the testing … Continued

SnapFast SEO Report: 9/30/15

10 Heading Tags are Too Long: H3: “SnapStack™” 10 characters H3: “Shared” 6 characters H3: “Cloud” 5 characters H3: “Dedicated” 9 characters H3: “Enterprise” 10 characters H3: “24/7 Support” 12 characters H3: “Contact Us” 10 characters H3: “Quick Links” 11 characters H3: “Stay in Touch!” 14 characters H3: “Reviews” 7 characters The Meta Description is Too … Continued

SnapFast Speed Report: 9/30/15

Speed test from: We’ve run this URL to the closest server 3-5 times (to make sure you’re getting a consistent read), then we pick a good average URL: Location: San Jose, CA Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 18:55:51 GMT Performance grade: 78/100 Requests: 111 Load time: 1.79s Page size: 12.4mb Content-encoding: gzip Server: Apache X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.41 Since we’re building a … Continued