How We Use Slack

Slack Channels Priorities Campaigns(be sure to say “if” you’re running campaigns) Leads Data – tests and analytics Site Tuts Setup Inviting new team members Assign new owner Create New Channel Creating API integrations Delete/Archive channel   Slack is a powerful communication channel for us to use. It takes all of our favorite apps– ties into their … Continued

Discovery: Jackalope Media

Discovery 1: Qualification Business type: Service- Websites Amount of time established: 4 Years *Yearly/monthly revenue: Redacted Number of employees: 0 (could add 1-10) Industry: Advertising/Media Market/demographic: Any company who’s product or service I love and would personally endorse Competition: At the time, local and national WordPress development/design companies. Niche: Lean, light-weight, high-tech websites optimized to print money. Targeting mostly … Continued