Manually Fulfilling on Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

To submit a multi-channel fulfillment order to Amazon: On the Manage Inventory page, select the products included in the order. Note: The limit for multi-channel fulfillment orders is 999 items for a single MSKU and 150 items for multiple MSKUs. In the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Fulfillment Order. In the Ship to Address text … Continued

Javascript (ES6) Copy to Clipboard in Sage-9

After trying a few different Javascript copy to clipboard functions (CSStricks, Sitepoint, Clipboard.js), I couldn’t get their solutions working with ES6 and Sage, until I came across this article. I stripped it down and had to change a couple things to get it working in ES6, this was my final JS ouput that I placed inside Sage/scripts/routes/common.js … Continued

Setup SMTP Server for Trellis Using Sendgrid

When using Trellis, you have to setup your own SMTP server to send outgoing email for you. For example, if someone submits a contact form on your site and you want WordPress to send an email notifying them, you’ll need an SMTP server setup. I’m using Sendgrid for now. They’re a little more technical, but … Continued

Launch New AdWords Product Checklist

How to build a landing page specifically for AdWords: Setup a new landing page specifically for this product’s ads. You can do multiple to correspond with AdGroups and Ad copy, but we’re going to just do one landing page per product for now. One call to action is a Buy on Amazon button that send them … Continued

Blocking WordPress Pages from Being Indexed by Google with Robots.txt

The Robots.txt file is a file every WordPress site comes with, which tells Bots and Search Engines which pages you want them to index. It’s more of a request (rather than a demand), but the Robots.txt file is publicly accessible at so be aware the disallowing a page won’t make it hidden from the web. In … Continued

Setting Up Optimizely for WordPress

The launch of Optimizely X appears to be fairly new, I haven’t learned much about it. The old issue I used to have with Optimizely was that it couldn’t test PHP values, such two different gravity forms. It appears the Optimizely X will fix that, and you can install it with Composer. But I’m going … Continued